The Recycled Cotton T Shirts

The Recycled Cotton T Shirts

Since 2016, BROOKLYN OUTDOOR COMPANY has been working to create sustainable, functional, and fashionable outdoor clothing to meet the various needs of those looking for clothes that do it all. Cotton has long been the fabric used in clothes across the globe, but as the world turns to more sustainable solutions, the impact of cotton is clear. 

Not only does cotton production demand huge amounts of water, but it also degrades the soil and has a massive output of CO2 every single year. Through utilizing efficient technology, BOC has created a functional, comfortable, and durable cotton t-shirt that is made from 100% fully-recycled cotton. 

The choice to move to sustainable and recycled cotton is easy. Making it fully versatile is the challenge that BOC has overcome to bring the recycled cotton shirt onto the market for anyone who wants a shirt for everything.

 The Recycled Cotton T Shirts

100% Recycled Cotton for a Sustainable Future
Moving to clothing made from 100% recycled cotton is something that BROOKLYN OUTDOOR COMPANY is incredibly proud of. As an environmentally-conscious and sustainable lifestyle brand, there is no other way to create a product that is as friendly to the environment as to use what we already have.

High Demand for Water
As the years move forward, the demand for clean water is taking the stage as one of the world’s largest problems with sustainability. Currently, cotton is responsible for over 150 billion tons of water just this year. Only one kilogram of cotton demands 10,000 liters of water to produce, which puts it as one of the highest water-consuming products on the market.
The Aral Sea, what used to be the fourth-largest lake in the world, has all but disappeared solely due to increases in the production of cotton across the world. This drastic shift in water can easily be changed by switching to the use of recycled cotton.

Pesticide Use
Of all the global crops, cotton is amongst those that are most heavily sprayed with pesticides. This use of pesticides has spread chemicals in the global groundwater and is often found in rainwater as well.
The United States spends billions of dollars every single year on pesticides to treat cotton fields. These pesticides are rarely eco-friendly and are used in such high concentrations that the local drinking water is easily contaminated and can kill off the aquatic life in the area.

Disappearing Forests
In order to continue the production of cotton for global clothing demands, forests must be cleared to make space for new cotton fields. This destruction leads to soil degradation, habitat destruction, and further carbon emissions, all for the production of cotton.
The intention of using recycled cotton materials is to use what we already have, rather than continue to produce more and more, all the while destroying the environment that we so desperately need. Using recycled materials is only one means of stopping the continued depletion of resources that we rely upon so heavily. BOC aims to work towards a more sustainable future and this line of shirts is only one small step forward.

  The Recycled Cotton T Shirts

Recycled, Comfortable, Fashionable
At BOC, the aim is to create clothing that can be used just as comfortably in your backyard as it is in the deepest parts of the backcountry forests. The concept of fast fashion results in a huge stockpile of outdoor gear that sits in the garage for the majority of the year. With gear that you can feel comfortable in, no matter where you are, there’s never a waste of space or material.
The 100% recycled cotton t-shirts are well-versed in long, rugged journeys through difficult terrain, but also can easily be worn to dress up in a more casual setting.
That’s the beauty of the gear made at BOC. Everything is designed to be used in your living room just as naturally as it is to be worn in a remote camping spot.
One of the most important things to make this possible is to create a shirt that has a comfortable, but durable fit and shape. In the backwoods, you don’t want a shirt that rubs the wrong way with a large backpack on or is too tight to ever feel comfortable in. You want something that breathes and allows you to easily move around inside of it.
Back in the city, you want something that matches a nicer interior, is cut trim enough to be formal, and will pair with anything you already have in the closet. The high thread count in the shirt makes it soft against the skin and easy to wear for anyone with sensitive skin.
This delicate balance is exactly what we had in mind when designing something that was more eco-friendly. The 100% recycled cotton shirt is a comfortable, but durable cut that fits casual, sporty, and street-style looks all the same.
We don’t make gear that will deteriorate while you wear it. We make clothes that are built to last.

Environmentally Conscious Lifestyle Brand
BROOKLYN OUTDOOR COMPANY strives to create gear that lasts forever, is built sustainably, but still looks great no matter what.
In the past, we have worked to create other environmentally friendly products like our exclusive The DTWorld Recycled Disc. Products like these are just a step in the right direction. BOC is committed to creating products that aren’t harmful to the environment, but rather work to provide solutions to the environmental issues the world faces.
All of our products are designed to incorporate recycled materials and sustainable elements in order to create gear that lasts forever and looks great. We’re fully committed to the planet and the people who live here, and we won’t make any sacrifices while helping others get outside, or stay inside while remaining comfortable and fashionable.

The world needs clothing that doesn’t rely on high water consumption and heavy pesticide use now more than ever. The BOC is consistently striving toward creating a brand that can give people everything that they want while staying in line with global environmental needs. 

The 100% recycled cotton t-shirt is the perfect blend of comfort, fashion, and environmentally-conscious practices in a single piece of clothing that’s meant to be worn everywhere without sacrifice. Recycled clothing is a vision into the future of fashion and the BOC has worked hard to create the best and most comfortable shirt possible to be the first thing you grab every time you open the closet.<

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