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BOC × DTWorldFlying High

We’ve partnered with Discovering the World, one of the largest resellers of discs, to create an exclusive BROOKLYN OUTDOOR COMPANY Frisbee. Discovering the World is a family-owned business located in Southern California. They manufacture discs for recreational use, including golf discs, dog discs, discs for Ultimate Frisbee, and more. heir affordable options have made them a beacon in the disc community for the last forty years.Discovering the World’s eco-friendly discs use over 15% recycled plastic, making them an excellent partner in creating a BROOKLYN OUTDOOR COMPANY sustainable product.Celebrate playtime and toss around our exclusive BOC x DTW Frisbee–at home or at camp.

Something’s in the Air…
Clear the Air 

Our new Frisbee is a colorful disc with a tie-dye pattern. It’s stylishly branded with the Brooklyn Outdoor Company logo to perfectly match other BOC accessories, such as our Oxford Pennant banner and our Retro Cap.This eco-friendly disc is the perfect addition for your outdoor excursion–at the campsite or at the park–if you’re looking for recreational activity.


The DTWorld Recycled DiscThe DTWorld Recycled Disc>


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